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Our new fundraise and some exciting updates...

Updated: May 14

The e-waste recycling infrastructure is broken. We are running towards the problem to fix it. Some updates on what we are working on, our new fundraise, and what’s ahead.


- We welcome NVCL in our next phase of growth - We’re partnering with other recyclers/collection centers to expand our reach

- We’re hiring across various roles in Bangalore & Guwahati

Binbag's mission is to make recycling e-waste easy for businesses and bulk generators. Currently, many waste generators - especially SMEs – get overlooked. They don’t know where to get started, what to expect, and how to comply.

We're building a new way of recycling e-waste by putting them at the center. Today, our all-in-one solution with recycling units and a digital platform helps hundreds of such businesses manage e-waste with full compliance and minimal effort.

But why build both? The total e-waste recycling capacity in India is ~40% of what we generate annually (3.2 million tonnes). Software-only solutions or online marketplaces are only as good as the recycling infrastructure that is available. On the other hand, customers want data and insights on the impact of recycling rather than merely tonnes of material transported.

Our learning: it’s impossible to solve the problem without crossing the chasm from physical or digital to ‘physical AND digital’.

It took us almost a decade to get here. In the next decade, our goal is to help 10,000 businesses recycle their e-waste, profitably. And, we have made some progress.

1. We’re excited to have NEDFi Venture Capital Ltd lead this round and believe in our mission. This is in addition to NSRCEL, NRL Ideation, Assam Startup, ONGC, IISc Bangalore, and the angels who we are grateful to have onboard.

2. We’re expanding our reach by opening the platform to a small number of third-party collection centers and recyclers. If you have a vision for creating the recycling infrastructure that the next generation deserves, let’s chat – whether you are an individual or an organization.

3. We’re hiring across various roles in our Bangalore office and the upcoming recycling facility in Assam. If you resonate with our goal and enjoy working at the intersection of business, technology, and impact, you will love Binbag. Please consider applying here.

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