The future is a circular economy that accounts for finite resources and designs waste out of the system.


Electronic waste (e-waste) is a valuable secondary resource. But unscientific handling leads to harmful elements like arsenic and lead entering groundwater, and finally into our food chain.

At Binbag, we are designing a circular economy through a network of distributed recycling plants that are closer to the markets we serve.

Distributed plants, like distributed computing, are more resource and capital efficient.


End-to-end service from evaluation, collection, and recycling from anywhere in India

Whether you are shutting down office or moving to new location, trust us to manage everything

Protect your sensitive data with our degaussing and destruction service, on-site and offline


Every year, more than 50 million metric tons of e-waste is generated worldwide. Less than 20% of it is collected and recycled.

Binbag is reimagining how e-waste is collected and recycled using technology and creating a distributed network of recycling units.

We currently operate two plants (Andhra, Assam) and setting up the third unit in Mumbai. The Assam unit is the first and only e-waste recycling unit in the Northeast.

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