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E-waste recycling

End-to-end service from evaluation, collection, recycling and compliance for your computers, laptops, AC, etc. 

Data safety

Protect your sensitive data before disposal with our data degaussing & destruction service, on site or at our facility

Asset disposal

Whether you are shutting down office or moving to new location, we manage all your disposal, including general scrap

Why Binbag

Hassle-free experience

Need disposal from multiple locations? We have got you covered. From e-waste to general scrap (furniture, office items, etc), we will ensure that you do not waste time coordinating with different vendors. 

Streamline your process

Not able to find that mail or compliance record? Our internal ERP system ensures that you have all the recycling records, compliance documents, and payment receipts in a single dashboard whenever you want it.


Customers love us

“Associating with Binbag has been extremely beneficial for us. We were not able to find a recycler and material was lying for four years,”

Parag Saborny, Amalgamated Plantations


Making recycling capital efficient and inclusive

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE or e-waste) is a valuable secondary resource. But a highly inefficient supply chain means less than 10% of e-waste generated in India is formally recycled.

At Binbag, we are designing a circular economy through a network of distributed recycling plants across India. These plants are closer to the markets we serve, reduce transportation costs, and generate local employment.


We currently run two PCB-authorised recycling units in Andhra Pradesh and Assam (the first in the Northeast).


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