We believe viable solutions for solving the massive problem of waste will be at the intersection of technology and human intervention. 


Binbag leverages technology to make collection and evaluation more efficient while providing a dignified living for the collection and recycling agents.

Our DSS tool enables low/semi-skilled workers to make a quicker evaluation of the material and generate an instant quote that helps SMBs in faster decision making.


Back in 2014, when our founder could not find an easy, hassle-free way to dispose of his old computer and printers, he thought there must be a better way.

Achitra started Binbag by collecting waste door-to-door in his car.


Today, in addition to our own recycling units, we also work with other companies as our recycling partners to service customers across India.

As a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), we work with leading manufacturers to help them meet their extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) goals.

If you are a manufacturer, or importer, and want to know how we can help, write to us today.